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Pinball Machines & Arcade Machines Sydney

Just as the Sydney Opera House sits proud on the Sydney harbour, Pinball King stands as Sydney’s unrivalled arcade and pinball machine online shop, perfectly capturing the city’s innovative spirit and rich heritage. This iconic establishment showcases an extensive collection spanning classics to cutting-edge releases, attracting enthusiasts from across Sydney’s diverse community.

What sets Pinball King apart is their team’s unwavering commitment to authentically restoring and repairing collectors pinball machines with meticulous craftsmanship. Their renowned pinball repair services breathe new life into classic pinball machines while maintaining original integrity.

Embodying Sydney’s welcoming hospitality, Pinball King provides an inclusive atmosphere where pinball collectors and newcomers alike immerse themselves in nostalgic joy. An institution celebrating arcade culture’s enduring appeal, Pinball King invites you to experience unparalleled gaming thrills in a setting quintessentially Sydney.

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Most Popular Arcade Machines

Pinball King DELIVERS all over Australia including all capital cities of Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Darwin & Hobart





The Claw Machine


Other Amusement Arcade Machines in Sydney


We have a warehouse full of pinball machines in stock, ranging from 1970’s to brand new machines.


We have a large range of games from original stand up cabinets to brand new sit down cabinets.


We have New Coin Operated Pool Tables and Accessories


Always a hit at a party, Soccer Tables are always fun for all.


We have New Coin Operated Claw Machines, great for pubs

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Pinballking – Pinball and Arcade Sales Melbourne

6 Macaulay St,

Williamstown North

VIC 3016

Ph: 0411 454545

Open Mon|Tue|Fri 10AM – 5PM

Wed|Thu|Sat by appointment only

5th Dimension Builders
5th Dimension Builders
Bought an arcade machine of Billy it was out of warranty & was glitching due to kids not shutting down like a PC. Billy’s team fixed it in no time & didn’t charge a cent. Now back to playing old school arcade games for my family.
john wilson
john wilson
Great people to deal with.
Tima Sinanaj
Tima Sinanaj
BEST ARCADE & PINBALL MACHINES Billy the owner of Pinballking was very helpful professional friendly and really great at assisting us to buy an Arcade machine (3,500 games) We have had the Arcade machine for 2 days now and it’s been a real hit with my kids and grandchildren 😀 Also Billy delivered the Arcade straight away free of charge Cheapest Pinballs and Arcade Games in Australia so I recommend you visit his showroom in Macaulay Street Williamstown North Thanks 🙏 Billy
Michael Kelly
Michael Kelly
Awesome love hassles...packed well and plays even better
Andrew Piperni
Andrew Piperni
Great service and product from Billy.
Andrew Newman
Andrew Newman
Pinball king has been great to deal with. They are very honest. I have confidence in them. Their repair service has been fantastic. Very fair prices. I am looking forward to having pinball King work on other machines for me. I can highly recommend pinball king
craig bain
craig bain
Extremely helpful, all round great experience buying my first pinball machine.
Yasmin Baan
Yasmin Baan
We had an 80’s party for our childcare team members, and we couldn’t get them off this arcade it was that amazing. We absolutely love it and even our horse trainer couldn’t not play with it
Eddy Tannourji
Eddy Tannourji
Wonderful service and competitively priced Thumbs up from me